General Terms and Conditions

General business conditions of GAMMA Medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Fortbildungs-GmbH (GAMMA):

In principle, the contractual parties undertake to display mutual loyalty. GAMMA requires
that its co-workers comply with the provisions of the data protection laws.
If any individual conditions of this contract are, or should become void or inoperative, this
will not affect the remaining contents of this contract. The parties will work together as
partners towards an arrangement which approaches the sense of the inoperative provision
as nearly as possible.

  1.  Tending an offer and conferring of contract
    1.1 A contract is effected exclusively by means of written confirmation or upon
    delivery of goods by GAMMA.

    1.2 Collateral agreements, changes and amendments of this contract require the
    written confirmation of the contractual partners in order to be valid. The same
    applies for any guarantees regarding features, as well as for any waivers
    regarding the requirement for written confirmation.

    1.3 Quotations are, in principle, subject to change without prior notice.

  2.  Terms of payment, prices, taxes and charges
    2.1 Prices are valid ex-warehouse Klosterneuburg, Austria, exclusive of all
    incidental costs as well as of the statutory Value Added Tax and, unless
    specifically noted otherwise, are given in Euros. Prices are valid only for the
    order on hand.

    2.2 In case of failure to meet the term of payment, the client is obliged to pay the
    customary bank interest charges on the buying price.

  3.  Right of detention, compensation, cession
    3.1 The client may not refuse to meet his/her obligations on the basis of any
    possible counter-claims, nor may the client withhold payment or make
    pretension to compensation for costs that may be incurred, unless the
    grounds and the extent of these claims are undisputed by GAMMA, or are
    legally established and binding.

    3.2 Cession of a client’s claims against GAMMA is only possible with the express
    permission of same.

  4.  Delivery date, Term of delivery
    4.1 The delivery date begins when the client receives the confirmation of order
    from GAMMA.

    4.2 The term of delivery is complied with if, before its expiry, the product has left
    the GAMMA warehouse in Klosterneuburg, Austria (shipping date or
    postmark), or when written notice is given that the product is ready to be

    4.3 The term of delivery will be extended as necessary in cases of labor
    disputes, in particular strikes and lock-outs, or in case of unforeseen
    hindrances, which are beyond the control of GAMMA, insofar as these
    hindrances can be demonstrated to have a considerable influence on the
    production or delivery of the product. This also applies to the sub-contractor,
    if such problems should materialize. Even if the aforementioned
    circumstances occur at a time when there is already a delay, no claims may
    be made on GAMMA. Any agreed-upon contractual penalty is invalid under
    these circumstances.

    4.4 The prerequisite for compliance with the term of delivery is that the client
    fulfills all contractual obligations.

  5.  Devolution of risk and receipt (of goods), compulsory
    inspection and compulsory complaint, acceptance
    5.1 Risk is transferred to the client, at the latest, with the dispatch of the
    shipment, even in the case of a part-delivery, or when GAMMA has
    undertaken to perform other
    services. Redeliveries are carried out at the risk of the client.

    5.2 Part-deliveries are permissible, § 8.1 takes priority.

    5.3 If the client is a qualified merchant, he/she is required to inspect the goods
    immediately and to inform GAMMA, in writing, within 10 days at the latest, of
    any substantiated defects or deficiencies, i.e., wrong goods or wrong
    quantities. After the expiration of this term, the product is considered to be
    accepted. In cases of “hidden” defects, the client (qualified merchant) bears
    the burden of proof.

    5.4. In case of defects on deliveries, caused during transport, the carrier has to be
    informed immediately at time of takeover

    5.5 Acceptance can only be refused in case of considerable defects or

  6.  Proprietary rights
    6.1 GAMMA retains proprietary rights to the product until all of the obligations of
    the business transaction (including future business arrangements) have been
    settled (including all balance payments due from account current)

    6.2 The client may only utilize the product in the normal course of business, and
    confers upon GAMMA the joint-ownership of any new product resulting from
    the connection or combination of the GAMMA product with any other
    products. Upon disposal (sale), the client will transfer to GAMMA, in advance,
    for security reasons, the sum of the invoiced amount of its purchase price, in
    accordance with the joint-ownership agreement. The transfer will be
    accepted by GAMMA.

    6.3 In case of breach of contract on the part of the client, especially in cases of
    default of payment, GAMMA has the right to reclaim the product(s), after a
    default reminder, and the client is obliged to return the product(s).

  7.  Liability for wrong goods and/or wrong quantities
    7.1 In principle, GAMMA is liable for damages, insofar as gross negligence or
    intent can be demonstrated on its part, within the scope of legal provisions.
    Liability for simple negligence is precluded. As far as legally allowed,
    compensation is precluded, in any case, for consequential damages and
    property damages, non-attained savings, loss of interest fees, and damages
    from claims of a third party against GAMMA. GAMMA assumes liability for
    defects and/or deficiencies in the shipment, including the absence of features
    which are explicitly guaranteed, to the exclusion of further claims,
    notwithstanding § 8, as follows, if the shipment is not considered to be
    accepted, in accordance with § 5.3: all of these parts are to be repaired, free
    of charge, or replaced with new ones, if they display defects and/or
    deficiencies which can be attributed to GAMMA, within 2 years of delivery on
    movable parts, within 3 years of delivery for non-movable parts, and if
    GAMMA has received written notification of these defects and/or deficiencies.
    All replacements remain the property of GAMMA.

    7.2 After a written complaint to GAMMA AG of wrong goods and/or wrong
    quantities, the client is obliged to allow GAMMA the opportunity to carry out
    any and all repairs and/or shipments of replacements, which it may deem
    necessary, according to its judgment and responsibility; otherwise, GAMMA
    is free from any liability. Only in extreme circumstances, involving a threat to
    the operational security and to prevent excessive or disproportionately
    greater damage, whereby GAMMA must be informed immediately, or if
    GAMMA is delayed in repairing a defect, does the client have the right to
    repair a defect himself/herself, or to have a defect repaired by a third party. In
    this case, the client may demand reimbursement from GAMMA, for the
    necessary costs incurred.

    7.3 GAMMA assumes the immediate costs for the repairs and/or delivery of
    replacements- insofar as the complaint proves to be valid- the costs of the
    replacement items, including shipment charges, and reasonable costs for
    dismounting and installation; further, according to individual circumstances,
    the costs which may actually be necessary for engaging assemblers and
    assistants. Any other costs are borne by the client.

    7.4 The term of liability for the replacement is 3 months, but this term must
    extend to at least the expiry date of the original shipment’s term of liability.
    The term of liability for wrong goods and/or wrong quantities will be extended
    for the amount of time of interrupted operation, necessitated by the repairs.

    7.5 GAMMA bears no liability for the consequences of any possible inappropriate
    alterations or repair work, carried out by the client or a third party, without
    previous, express authorization from GAMMA.

  8.  The client’s right of rescission and other liability of GAMMA
    8.1 The client can rescind the contract, if it is clearly impossible for GAMMA to
    provide complete service, prior to the devolution of risk. The same is true for
    incapability on the part of GAMMA. The client can also rescind the contract if,
    after placing an order for products of the same type, it is finally impossible for
    GAMMA to deliver the required number of part of the shipment, and the client
    has a legitimate interest in refusing part-delivery; if this is not the case, the
    client may proportionately reduce the amount of his/her obligation.

    8.2 If this impossibility arises during an already existent delay in acceptance or
    through the encumbrance of debt on the part of the client, the client remains
    under the obligation to pay.

    8.3 The client has the right of rescission, if GAMMA, in the absence of mitigating
    circumstances, allows the expiration of two appropriately set term-extensions
    for repairs or the delivery of replacements, relative to wrong goods or wrong
    quantities attributable to GAMMA, in accordance with the conditions of
    delivery. The client is obliged to allow two attempts at repairs. The client’s
    right of rescission is also valid in other instances involving two unsuccessful
    attempts at repair or delivery of replacements on the part of GAMMA.

    8.4 All further client claims are precluded, especially regarding conversion, pricereductions
    and compensation for damages of any kind, including those
    damages not arising on the product itself. This preclusion of liability is not
    valid in cases of malicious intent or gross negligence on the part of the
    proprietor or managerial employee, or in those cases in which liability for
    defects and/or deficiencies in the product is assumed for personal injury and
    material damages on units in private use. This preclusion also does not apply
    to missing features, which are explicitly guaranteed, if the express purpose of
    said guarantee is to protect the user against damages, not arising on the
    product itself.

  9.  Copyright protection
    9.1 Designs, models, software, tools, programs, documentations and the like,
    from GAMMA, are the intellectual property of GAMMA and, although no
    specific protection exists, they may not be copied by the client or used in any
    way for reproduction, nor may they be ceded to a third party, neither free of
    charge nor for remuneration, nor used in any manner other than within the
    scope of the conditions agreed upon by GAMMA and the client.

    9.2 In the case of orders, according to the client’s own specifications (drawings,
    designs, etc.) the client assumes liability. In this way, the patent rights will not
    be infringed upon.

  10.  Installation
    10.1 If installation of the product is agreed upon in writing, GAMMA will install the
    product for the client, in a state of operational readiness. The following
    constitute the prerequisites for installation:
    a. the client has, and makes available, an appropriate location for
    the apparatus, including all of the proper connections (water,
    electricity, etc.).
    b. the apparatus may not have been altered by the client before

    10.2 The installed product is considered to be in operational readiness after being
    subjected successfully to the GAMMA functional testing process, and
    witnessed to by the client’s counter-signature on the certificate of
    acceptance. If the client does not sign the certificate of acceptance, despite a
    successful functional test, GAMMA will instruct the client as to the
    consequences of exceeding the acceptance deadline and will offer an
    extension of at least two weeks: if the client does not offer an explanation
    before expiry of this extended term, operational readiness is assumed as
    certified nevertheless, with the date of the functional test.

    10.3 If, after delivery, the agreed-upon installation of the product cannot be
    effected by GAMMA, for reasons attributable to the client, GAMMA AG will
    instruct the client as to the consequences of exceeding the deadline and offer
    the client a deadline of 30 days; if the installation has still not been carried
    out upon expiry of this term, also for reasons attributable to the client,
    operational readiness is considered as certified from the date of delivery.

    10.4 GAMMA assumes no obligations for connecting the product to any apparatus
    or appliance belonging to the client, which has not been supplied by

  11.  Privacy policy
    11.1 The customer agrees that his personal data, namely name, address and
    email address will be processed for marketing purposes (sending of
    advertising material by post or email). This consent can be revoked at any
    time. The revocation does not affect the legality of the previous processing.
    Our full privacy policy can be found at:

  12.  Concluding stipulations
    Unless otherwise agreed to, the applicable legal provisions in effect between
    qualified merchants are exclusively according to Austrian law, also when the
    contract is carried out in another country. The territorial jurisdiction of the
    relevant court for the registered seat of the GAMMA is the exclusive
    authority, in case of possible disputes and/or litigation. The above-mentioned
    conditions are applicable to consumer sales, within the intent of the
    consumer protection laws, only insofar as the consumer protection laws do
    not specifically make other provisions.
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