GAMMA is the first point of contact for instrumental support in function and occlusion.

For over 30 years, GAMMA has been designing, building and programming medical devices and software that helps dentists and dental technicians to master occlusion. At Gamma we do not simply understand "occlusion" as the static closing bite position of two rows of teeth, but rather as a chewing organ, as an important, functional part of the human organism. Here, above all, the dynamic functions play a role in interaction with the given structures. Gamma is a pioneer, when it comes to making occlusion manageable. With our products we have special competence and are international market leader in this field.

Gamma stands for highest quality, precision and safety.

The new digital workflow

Transferring the correct condylar relation of intraoral scans into the virtual articulator is a prerequisite for accurate virtual functional analysis. Conventional direct digital workflows either resort to average positioning of upper and lower jaw, thereby resulting in potentially incorrect jaw movement dynamics, or require the use of complex and expensive digital facebow systems.

The GAMMA Digital Transfer Block Set allows the simple yet accurate transfer of the condyle-related upper jaw position directly from the facebow into the virtual articulator, without plaster models. It can be used with both the kinematic and anatomic facebows and practically all intraoral 3D scanners.
Here you can find a product-video.
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