Service, maintenance and training

Over the last several years, we at GAMMA have continuously built up our service and advisory team. Not least, because we are convinced, that being constantly at our customers’ service and permanently “on call” with customer support is the best way to ensure successful application of the GAMMA system. In practical terms, this means service- and customer-oriented direction for proper application of our product. Above all, close contact to our customers also brings us important market feedback, which we use towards continuous product improvement and development.

Through our international contacts, we always stay informed about the latest developments in the “functional” business, just as we ourselves make constant efforts to improve our systems and encourage innovation.

Customer service means:

·         Direct contact to the customer

·         Well-trained consultants for medical products

·         Visits to the practice (throughout the German-speaking area)

·         On site product introduction and service (Germany/Austria only)

·         Advanced training sessions

·         Close partnership with renowned Institutes and Universities

·         Road Shows

·         Participation at exhibitions


The GAMMA CADIAX® systems are medical measurement appliances of Product Class I. Legal regulations make it obligatory that our customers have these appliances checked at regular intervals for electrical safety and measurement function.


We regard it as our duty to offer this service to our customers on site. Our technicians are at your service for appointments.

For technical advise or appointments please call :


Ph: +43-(0)-2243-34140-0


Software maintenance


It is our duty to ensure that, with the Gamma Dental Software®, our customers receive a functionally reliable system at their disposal. We work constantly at improving and further developing the software, and creating new modules and functions.


Most GAMMA users appreciate to have regular supervision in product application as well as periodical training sessions, so that new staff has no problems in handling the software.


You can contact our

Hotline      and/or our
Online Software Support    

by calling the phone number:

In addition to the normal telephone Hotline, we have a special service: Software support online. With this system, our software technicians can have direct access to the customer’s computer. The customer can follow each of the technician’s manipulations directly on the computer screen. This not only solves the software- or configuration problem quickly and easily, but also serves as an individual training session!


To take advantage of this service, you only need a standard DSL Internet access. Our technicians will then give you all further details. The connection set-up only takes a few minutes.

Immediately after concluding a software maintenance contract, the following company services are automatically at your disposal:


·                 Telephone information (or information via Fax or Email) for questions concerning the software.

·                 Information about update releases and announcements regarding new program versions, containing details of performance range

·                 Telephone information (or via fax, e-mail) about the usage of the program

·                 Telephone information about program interfaces of the software, in order to link individual modules of the software with other programs.

·                 Availability of the latest program version; this version will be sent on CD-ROM, including all of the corresponding documentation. The end user is responsible for setting up and running the new updates on the computer

·                 Free online software maintenance

Naturally, we cannot provide all of these services at no cost. Therefore, we offer a system calculated on the modules, that represents the graded maintenance costs, according to the software version being used: