Our position

GAMMA is the first contact in the field of instrumental support for function and occlusion.

GAMMA complete-solutions serve professionals in dentistry - dentists and dental technicians.

GAMMA simplifies the dentist's daily work, from simple cases up to complex restorative, prosthetic, surgical and orthodontic treatment.

Using GAMMA products, the dentist is able to analyze the complex dynamics of the masticatory organ easily and efficiently.

GAMMA supports the dentist in a way that he can treat his patients optimally.

Using the GAMMA system makes the value of dental work comprehensible to the patient and the costs of the treatment easily acceptable for the patient.

GAMMA gives the dentist certainty. Assistance in medical treatment and - through automatic documentation of the treatment for each patient -safety in the administrative and legal spheres as well.


 Our philosophy

Quality safeguards and quality control are more than catchwords in the modern concept of the dental practice and the laboratory. Increasingly more stringent legal obligations and documentation requirements, and even moreso the increase in knowledgeable, well-informed patients, requires that dental work really “works” and “functions”. The pressure of increasing costs makes it mandatory that the dental practice and treatment procedures be structured along more economical lines. Of course, the best marketing measure for the dental practice is binding satisfied patients on a long-term basis; and the best recommendation for the lab is a structure which can smoothly incorporate technical work into the practice.

In various discussions the question of “occlusion” arises: is occlusion really so important after all? Is there any documented proof of a causal relationship between occlusion and dysfunction? In short, is what GAMMA stands for “evidence based”?

Occlusion should not only be defined in terms of static intercuspation, but the masticatory organ should be considered as an integral functional element in the human organism. This “organ” is not defined by static “occlusion”, but rather by dynamic functions, in relationship with the other structures on hand. The modern human has undergone several changes: we live longer, and changes in nutritional habits have shifted the formerly primary function of just “chewing” into the background. Other factors have also become considerably more significant, such as verbal expression, facial aesthetics, changes in posture, and even the actions of clenching and bruxism, brought on by ever-increasing modern stress. This has been emphatically confirmed by the latest scientific studies.

The rapid developments in dental technical materials and the completely different methods of implementation represent a considerable challenge to the adaptation mechanisms of the cranio-mandibular system, making strategic case planning especially important.

Over the last several years, we at GAMMA have worked constantly on our products, to make them ever more suitable for your practice. Diagnostics must be geared toward therapy. That’s why we offer instruments and logical methods, suitable for the simple, standard cases as well as for the patients with complex dysfunctional situations, involving multi-disciplinary therapy.