when it comes to occlusion:
GAMMA is the first contact point ......... and the only one you need!
when it comes to simplifying the daily restaurative work:
CADIAX compact 4 and the Reference SL articulator with its idnividual inserts offer a complete and modular system.
'reading off interpolating trying' . that is past history now!
occlusal registration has been simplyfied so that it can be done by assistants. Only for attaching the face bow correctly a short training is needed.
.....and when it comes to the diagnosis of complicated dysfunctions:
Switch over from CADIAX compact to CADIAX4 'diagnostic'.

GAMMA offers a complete system consisting of following modules

Reference System


CADIAX compact 4

CADIAX 4 'diagnostic'

the electronic systems for the registration of movements of the jaw joint.
GAMMA Dental Software
Windows based analysis software with database for patient administration and an interface to other systems.
Here you can download the the valid product catalogue.